Western Commodities
We import the Dates that go into many millions of fruit bars. Our bars are made from our Dates and our Date Paste with all natural ingredients. They are gluten free, veggie and vegan friendly, one of the five-a-day and some are low GI. All our bars are free from preservatives and artificial flavourings and free from artificial colours. They look good. They taste good. And they are Good. Full stop. We make them in a segregated part of our factory in Devon, England, well away from our nut free fruit processing area. There are 5 profit centres employed in getting a fruit bar to the retailer; the ingredients trader (Western Commodities) the landing and warehousing of the raw material (Western Commodities) converting the commodity into an ingredient (Date paste – that’s us too) making the bar (we do that) and selling the bar to the distributer or retailer (that’s us too). The bar market is crowded but we believe there’s room for a great tasting, well priced premium product, and that’s Goodfullstop! You can buy from our Goodfullstop website or online from Holland & Barratt. We have a number of distributors in the UK and are adding international distributors every month. Our exports represent around 25% of our business and our Good bars are following this trend. We are already in Dubai, Abu Dhubi, Iceland, South Africa, Germany and Scandinavia. See our website for more details or just scroll down to see our bars. Maybe you’d like to take part in our wheredoyoueatyours campaign with a picture?
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