About the Western Commodities Team…
Richard Stoker - Managing director and owner I’m a keen pilot, irregular but avid sailor and love my motorbikes. I play a little tennis in an attempt to keep some semblance of fitness. I’m a big Liverpool supporter travelling away 7 or 8 times a season. I’m interested in politics, current affairs, world-wide cultures and religions – although myself I’m what they call a ‘Bright’. I started Western Commodities in 1998. Seventeen years on as I write we are going strong with an undiminished commitment to our customers, support for our suppliers and care for our employees. Contact me at… richard@westerncommodities.com
Matthew Buckley - Assistant Accountant I enjoy most competitive sport - high on that list is Football and Tennis. I play squash regularly and am trying to improve my game. I enjoy a good box set and all to often have box set binges! I started working for Western Commodities in early 2013. I am responsible for the day to day running of the company’s finances. I am currently studying for my ACCA, which I have recently started. I aim to be a fully qualified Accountant by 2018. I am excited to see how high Western Commodities will go in the future with the new and exciting brands being developed. Western Commodities is ever beating its past performances and it’s a privilege to be part of it. Contact me at… accounts@westerncommodities.com
Ali Benger - Research and Development Technologist I joined Western Commodities Ltd in January 2014 as a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) Associate in collaboration with Plymouth University. Since completing my first short KTP researching the nutritional properties of dates and developing the Good Full stop bars, I have commenced on a new 2 year KTP developing a range of sports nutrition products. In conjunction with the KTP I am currently studying for  Masters in Applied Sports Nutrition at St. Mary’s University, Twickenham, which is proving invaluable for the present KTP. It is an exciting time to be working at Western Commodities, as we are embarking on a number of new ventures. Outside of work, I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. I love baking breads and cakes, but also savoury dishes such as curries. I attempt to grow a variety of fruit and veg in the garden but the yield is never more than one dinner’s worth! On a sunny day at the weekend, you might find me walking the south west coastal path, or cycling in Blackdown Hills around Taunton. Contact me at… alison.benger@westerncommodities.com
Karl Lloyd – Engineer I Joined Western Commodities in 2010 after working in the steel, oil and gas and electronics industries. Involved in a variety of activities including maintaining the production lines to developing new products for the company. Outside work I am a keen sail boat racer and like to spend my holidays skiing in the Alps. Contact me at… karl@westerncommodities.com
Western Commodities
David Parsons – Good Full Stop I started working with Western Commodities in March 2015 on a contract basis and joined the team full-time in July 2015. Initially responsible for shipping, I am now involved in developing our exciting new Good Full Stop brand. I love a physical challenge, whether it is cycling to Scotland, running an ultra-marathon or trail running, however I am still getting back to full fitness following a nasty leg break in 2015. Contact me at… david@western-brands.com
Peter Collier - Finance Director Peter is a suave, good looking, charming, sophisticated and highly intelligent person… All the attributes to be a member of a boy band or even a movie star. However, Peter has sacrificed all this fame and fortune to run the accounts department at Western Commodities. Western Commodities is a great place to work and outside of work Peter likes to beat people at tennis and is a keen philanthropist. Contact me at… peter.c@westerncommodities.com
Andrew Watson - Technical Manager The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open! I am a highly motivated lover of food science. Working for over 25 years in the food industry and across many food categories, I have worked from the ground up to allow me to utilise practical experience and blend it in with the technical theory of processing and safety. I am passionate about all aspects of food and love to pass on my knowledge and experience to others through coaching. My free time is spent by learning new things about anything, I am a mass of useless knowledge - always hand for the odd pub quiz. Contact me at… qa@westerncommodities.com
Western Commodities Tel: +44 (0)1884 821069 Fax: +44 (0)1884 822858 Email: info@westerncommodities.com
Darren Baker - Production Manager What Darren lacks in hair, he certainly makes up for in his organisational ability. As our Production Manager, Darren is responsible for managing our busy factory and ensuring that our goods are delivered on time. He also looks after our production staff and sorts out any problems on the factory floor. He is passionate about driving Western Commodities forwards, improving quality standards and embracing the new challenges that our growing business faces. Outside of work, Darren is a motoring enthusiast. Having spent a number of years living on the Isle of Man, he is a big fan of motorbikes. In the summer months, he enjoys short excursions around the south west in his campervan. Whilst happy to discuss a great deal of current affairs, may I give you one word of warning: do not mention the carrier bag charge to him. You will never see that 45 minutes again. Contact me at… darren@westerncommodities.com
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